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Equipment designed to be …AdventureProof

"Equipment designed to be ...AdventureProof" and now... available at CTT More

Strava is real life

Negativity, curation, judgement – that’s not what being an athlete is about. We’re raw, imperfect, on the edge, trying our guts out, laughing, failing and trying again. We’re a bunch of weird tan lines, scabby knees and helmet hair, and we like it. Social networks have stopped being real, and Athletes Unfiltered is our call for a little less ... More

Lets Take It Back – A Story About Belief

La vita ti pone davanti sempre occasioni e sfide, "Lets take it back" mostra questo processo e mette in evidenza i benefici della fiducia in se stessi. Questo video e’ una produzione "A Full Course Trails", girato in località Ben Vorlich a Perthshire, Scozia. More