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📢The Zunche’ Trail

Cinque Terre Trekking is nine years old. We are eternally grateful to all who helped us survive this exceptionally challenging year. We spent much of our extra time with a small group of local volunteers searching out and reopening abandoned trails like this one, the Zunchè Trail. For all of you who have not been able to travel yet, we hope that soon you ... More

? Trail of the Week: Trail #534

CTT  takes you on the trails. Trail N. 534 is a vertical connection between Trail N. 535 and Trail AV5T, at the southeastern end of the Cinque Terre National Park in the area known as Tramonti.   Trail N. 534 once reached the sea, but the lower part was washed out by landslides and is inaccessible.  It now starts on Trail 535 at the parking area ... More

? Trail of the Week: Trail Val Di Chiara #SentieroES

CTT  takes you on the trails. The Val di Chiara Trail is a vertical trail that connects the Cinque Terre hamlet of Groppo to Trail N. 530 (Strada dei Santuari). This trail had been abandoned for roughly 40 years before we reopened it this winter together with other volunteers.  In the past it was used by locals from Groppo to transport wine to Ricco' ... More

?Trail of the Week: Trail #ex6a

CTT  takes you on the trails. Trail ex6a had been abandoned for decades. We came upon it by accident many years ago while foraging for mushrooms, and then found it again while designing the course for a vertical trail race. Trail ex6a was marked on several old maps that we had been poring over, and it was the most direct route to Monte le Croci, ... More