How much elevation gain can you achieve, using only the trails within the municipality of Riomaggiore, and without using the same trail more than once?  Find out by participating in our VERTICAL CHALLENGE!

The rules are very simple:

  1.  Sign up on Strava or other application that can record the track of your hike/run, including total elevation gain.   
  2. Record the route of a single run/hike on the trails exclusively within the municipality of Riomaggiore (marked REL trails and trails reopened by us).   
  3. Do not pass the same point more than once.
  4. Complete your run/hike by April 30th, 2021.

Send your route info (only one route per person), including elevation gain, to, with the subject #SFIDAVERTICALE

Winners will be informed by e-mail.

The prize**

Those who are able to do more than 2 thousand meters of elevation gain in a single run/hike get a Cinque Terre Trekking white and red trail marker t-shirt (color is indicative, based on availability). There is a sweatshirt up for grabs for the overall winner, that is, whoever achieves the most elevation gain. 

This is reserved (during the month of April) for residents of the Municipality of Riomaggore and neighboring municipalities, in compliance with anti-covid regulations.

#riomaggiore #cinqueterre #verticalchallenge #vertical #elevationgain 

** this is not a competition or prize operation as the prize paid does not exceed € 25.82 (Presidential Decree 430/01)

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