The trails within the Cinque Terre National Park were built not for recreational purposes, but rather as transportation routes between agricultural land, villages and sancturaies. A hike along these paths will not only offer you the chance to view breathtaking scenery, but will also give you a look into the past of this beautiful and unique area of Italy. Follow the footsteps of worshipers who for centuries climbed these paths to reach the hillside sanctuaries. Retrace the routes of the locals who traveled on foot and with mules to deliver their wine and grapes to nearby villages. There is so much to explore and discover!

The Cinque Terre trails are quite rugged and in many areas narrow and without protection. It is essential to wear proper footwear and clothing. The landscape is quite fragile, and the hillsides are susceptible to landslides during rainy weather. In the event of bad weather, trails may be closed, so be sure to check at one of the Cinque Terre National Park information centers for trail information before setting out on a hike. If you will be hiking on any of the secondary trails, we recommend that you purchase a detailed trail map, and be sure to stay only on marked paths. The trails are marked with a red and white stripe.

For information on the current status of the Cinque Terre trails, visit the official app of the Cinque Terre National Park: