Clare Gallagher :”Protecting Trails Across the World”

Clare Gallagher, Patagonia Ambassador, will be with us on March 22nd at 6:00PM to talk about the importance of Protecting Trails around the World.

“I’m going to the Cinque Terre region of Italy in March to run the Sciacchetrail – CinqueTerre Ultra Trail. Interestingly, Cinque Terre was recently put on CNN’s list of places not to visit because mass tourism has gotten so out of control. Locals are leaving their farms for more lucrative tourist centered jobs, and it’s creating an environmental nightmare because the farms, which are heavily terraced, aren’t being maintained. The land is now eroding, leading to mudslides. The race passes through those vineyards and villages. The race organizers want to bring attention to the trails and land, for conservation purposes. It’s my first race this year and it’s all I can think about racing wise!”

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