How much elevation gain can you achieve, using only the trails within the municipality of Riomaggiore, and without using the same trail more than once?  Find out by participating in our VERTICAL CHALLENGE! The rules are very simple:  Sign up on Strava or other application that can record the track of your ... More

Vertical Monte le Croci: the history

A VERTICAL WITH SOUL. What's behind the Vertical Monte le Croci? Behind a trail that is an emblem of fatigue? Where did the idea come from to elongate the course that ended behind the illuminated nativity of  Mario Andreoli to make it even bigger?   It was in the woods back in 2005, while searching for ... More


Hike, shoot a photo and win…… a T-shirt.*   The objective Cinque Terre Trekking aims to promote awareness of the vast trail network among residents and visitors of the Cinque Terre National Park.   The operation To achieve this goal, every weekend starting from 15 June 2018 (until the end ... More

“Cinque Terre needs more runners!” (by Clare Gallagher)

"Runners: Cinque Terre needs you!" (full article here) More


Cinque Terre, land of vineyards, history, and stairs, has 120km of trails, that need to be maintained! Here you can find the link to the full report.     More

Clare Gallagher :”Protecting Trails Across the World”

Clare Gallagher, Patagonia Ambassador, will be with us on March 22nd at 6:00PM to talk about the importance of Protecting Trails around the World. "I’m going to the Cinque Terre region of Italy in March to run the Sciacchetrail - CinqueTerre Ultra Trail. Interestingly, Cinque Terre was recently put on CNN’s list ... More

Equipment designed to be …AdventureProof

"Equipment designed to be ...AdventureProof" and now... available at CTT More

Strava is real life

Negativity, curation, judgement – that’s not what being an athlete is about. We’re raw, imperfect, on the edge, trying our guts out, laughing, failing and trying again. We’re a bunch of weird tan lines, scabby knees and helmet hair, and we like it. Social networks have stopped being real, and Athletes Unfiltered is ... More

Lets Take It Back – A Story About Belief

Life always places opportunities and challenges in your way "Lets Take It Back" showcases this phenomenon and highlights the benefits of belief in yourself. A Full Course Trails & Full Course Films Production Filmed on location at Ben Vorlich in Perthshire, Scotland. More

A sea of smog

Air pollution is the first consequence, the places crossed by this type of tourism inevitably suffer from a decline in the quality of life of the residents (even a physical consumption of the territory) and a process of assimilation that deprives them of the very reasons that made them special. To highlight the serious ... More