? Trail of the Week: Trail Zunche’+Tigiua (Aka 6DC)

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The Zunche’ and Tigiua Trails connect to each other, and together link the hamlet of Groppo to Trail N. 585. The trails were once used by farmers to reach their vineyards and forest properties.  The trails had been abandoned for decades before we reopened them with other volunteers.  The trailhead is in the village of Groppo, but due to construction work the first segment of the trail is temporarily blocked.  The Zunche’ Trail can be accessed from the provincial road SP51, a few meters beyond Cantina Cinque Terre agricultural cooperative.  From the road the trail starts up a short ramp then turns to stairs, passes to the left of a small farmhouse, curves to the left, then turns right up more stairs.  The stairs turn right and enter an abandoned olive grove.  At the far end of the olive grove, the trail turns left, up a mix of stone stairs and steps sculpted directly into the rock.  Dry stone walls line the trail on both sides as it ascends steeply through abandoned terraced vineyards now overgrown with tree heather and pines.   After about 200 meters the trail flattens briefly to a gentle slope following a low wall, then after 60 meters the grade steepens again.  The trail reaches the base of the “farmer’s fortress”, after 330 meters.

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