? Trail of the Week: Trail N. 6M

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Trail N. 6M is a short horizontal connection between Trail N. 506 and Trail N. 6C plus.  It had been abandoned for years before being reopened by us along with a group of other local volunteers.  It is part of the network within Monte le Croci Trail Park.  

The trailhead is on Trail N. 506, about 900 meters from the village of Volastra in the direction of the Alta Via delle Cinque Terre (AV5T), and just beyond the start of Trail N. 585.  Upon entering the trail and heading west, an anti-wild boar fence will be on your right, and it follows the entire length of the trail.   Holm oaks shade the initial segment, then the trail passes through abandoned farmland supported by low dry stone walls, now densely overgrown with mediterranean scrub and a mix of trees.  After 200 meters the trail curves to the north, with Corniglia visible through occasional openings between the trees.  The path deviates slightly from its original track due to a collapsed wall, before crossing a dry valley, then it climbs at a gentle grade through a mixed forest of holm oaks, tree heather and pines.  The trail terminates on Trail N. 6C plus in the area known as Ca’ d’Ercole.  The anti-wild boar fence crosses the trail just before it reaches 6C plus, and is closed with a provisional gate.

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