? Trail of the Week: Trail N. 6Cplus-6C (Porciana-AV5T)

CTT  takes you on the trails.

Trail N. 6C Plus and Trail N. 6C connect to each other and together connect Trail N. 586 to Monte le Croci and AV5T.   These are two of our “adopted” trails that we found long abandoned and have since brought back to life.  We discovered them while researching old maps and with the help of many locals. The trailhead is on Trail N. 586, about 1.4km from Volastra.  The trail is unmarked. Trail N. 6C Plus starts out in a holm oak stand and heads to the northeast.  After 50 meters a switchback turns the trail to the south, through chestnuts and pines.   The trail crosses the road after 130 meters and continues to the south through mediterranean scrub, then ascends in a continual zig zag for another 600 meters through a mixed forest of chestnuts, pines and holm oaks, until terminating on Trail N. 506.

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