? Trail of the Week: Trail #572

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Trail N. 572 had been abandoned for years before being reopened recently by the municipality of Monterosso.   It was formerly known as Trail N. 14A, and it connects Monterosso to Trail N. 591, where it exits the national park and continues on to Levanto.

The trailhead is at Sella di Bagari, which sits between Monte Focone and Monte Negro.  The trail descends from N. 591 through a wood of primarily tree heather and pines, with views of the Cinque Terre coastline.  The vegetation is of short to medium stature, interspersed with a few majestic oaks and holm oaks.   Initially the trail surface is soft and not well defined due to the lack of foot traffic, but after about 400 meters the tread enters a low trench and is more compacted.   The grade on the final half is moderate to easy as the trail passes through cultivated farmland.  After 1.5 km the trail enters a dirt road, then a paved road, and terminates on Via Mesco in the Fegina neighborhood of Monterosso.

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