? Trail of the Week: AV5T part 1

CTT  takes you on the trails.

AV5T, the “Alta Via delle Cinque Terre”, is a long-distance trail that extends from Monte Prato Pinello in the mountains north of Sestri Levante, to Portovenere, just down the coast from the Cinque Terre.  The entire trail is 70 kilometers in length, but we will focus on the section within the boundaries of the Cinque Terre National Park that runs along the ridgeline of the coastal mountains.  

Coming from the northwest, AV5T enters the Cinque Terre National Park at Crocettola, near the N. 591C trailhead.  It starts out on a paved road, heading to the southeast, then after 100 meters it branches off onto a wide trail and heads up Monte Soviore.   From Monte Soviore the trail descends to a road crossing at Termine Pass.  The final few meters are on stairs.

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