📣Trail of the Week: Trail #593V

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Trail N. 593V starts out immediately with stairs as it climbs up to Piazza Vignaioli and then winds through the narrow side streets of Riomaggiore, lined with its typical tower houses. The stairs continue for 150 meters until Via di Loca.  Here the trail turns right onto the village road and flattens out, with views of the castle.  After about 60 meters, at the village playgroud, the trail turns left and the stairs start again, for another 140 meters, until the provincial road SP32.  After crossing the road the trail turns right and then up more stairs as it passes around the village cemetery.  The stairs, some built from massive stones and others carved directly into the rock, climb for roughly 300 meters and then intersect a second time with SP32.  After crossing the road the trail continues on the asphalt to the intersection with the coastal road SP 370, then turns left on SP 370.  The trail follows the road around a blind curve, and cars travel fast here, so be extremely careful on this section.  After about 400 meters of asphalt the stairs start again on the left, and continue for another 370 meters until terminating at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montenero at 340 meters above sea level.

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