?Trail of the Week: Trail #587

CTT  takes you on the trails.

Trail N. 587 is a vertical trail connecting Corniglia to AV5T.  It begins on Via Serra, which is also Trail SVA.  The trailhead is just a few meters from the back of St. Peter’s church, built in 1334.  There are several water fountains in the vicinity, with one being right at the trailhead. As it leaves Corniglia, the trail ascends long, stone-paved stairs.  Vineyards and vegetable gardens line the path for the first 200 meters.  The trail then steepens as it passes through olive groves. At around the 1 kilometer mark, on the right, is the N. 586 trailhead to Volastra.  The vegetation changes to forest, primarily pines, chesnuts and holm oaks. Although the forest has taken over the abandoned fields, dry stone walls are clearly visible along the trail. At the 1.6 kilometer mark, the trail turns left onto the coastal road (SP 51). It follows the road for the next 300 meters, then splits from the road on the right.  The final 500 meters wind through a holm oak forest on singletrack.  Trail N. 587 terminates at the junction with AV5T at “Prato di Corniglia”.

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