📣Trail of the Week: Trail #530

CTT  takes you on the trails.

Trail N. 530, also known as the “Strada dei Santuari” (Sanctuary Road),  is a relatively flat fire road that connects Volastra to Trail AV5T at Telegrafo, and intersects with several vertical trails.  The trail starts in ascent on asphalt as it leaves Volastra, together with Trail N. 506, directly across the provincial road from the village.  After about 100 meters it curves to the right, and here Trail N. 506 splits off on the left onto single track.  Trail 530 flattens out and continues through olive trees and vineyards. Near the 0.5 km mark it curves to the left, then intersects with Trail N. 506V.  The vegetation changes to a mixed forest of predominantly pines and chestnuts. At the 1 km mark the asphalt ends, at the cemetery of Volastra.

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