? Trail of the Week: Trail #528V

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Trail N. 528V is a vertical trail at the southeastern end of the Cinque Terre National Park, in the area of Tramonti.  It connects the tiny farm settlement of Chioso to the sea.  The trailhead is on Trail N. 528, about 600 meters from Campiglia in the direction of Persico.  There is no signpost indicating the trail, but on the stone stairway of Trail N. 528, there is a faint and unreadable white and red marking. Trail N. 528V starts on the right and descends on a stone-paved mule path lined with olive trees.  After about 50 meters the trail passes between a small cluster of farm houses at Chioso.  The trail continues in descent on stone stairs, through mediterranean scrub, prickly pear and a scattering of sheds and houses.

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