?Trail of the Week: Trail #508

CTT  takes you on the trails.

Trail N. 508 is one of 2 vertical trails connecting Vernazza to AV5T,  It is the longer of the two,and it is also the historic route to the hillside sanctuary Our Lady of Reggio.  The trailhead is on Via Roma just north of Vernazza’s train station, on the left.  The trail starts out as cement stairs, with a few switchbacks up to Via Brigate Partigiane. The trail officially continues on Via Brigate Partigiane, but we prefer the stairs that pass alongside the 17th century church of San Francesco to the cement road.  After about 100 meters the stairs reconnect to Via Brigate Partigiane, near the village cemetery.   After the cemetery, the next 2 kilometers are along a wide stone-paved, switchbacking path, with votive niches depicting the Via Crucis at intervals, until the piazza of the Sanctuary of Reggio.

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