📣Trail of the Week: Trail #506

CTT  takes you on the trails.

Trail N. 506 is one of 2 vertical trails connecting Manarola to the ridge trail AV5T (the other being Trail N. 502, featured last week). At the exit of the tunnel from the Manarola train station, on the main street Via Discovolo, the trail immediately heads up a steep slope.  For the first 200 meters it goes up the main road, then, upon reaching our shop Cinque Terre Trekking (on the left at N. 108), it turns right on the stairway Via Ettore Cozzani.  After 100 meters the stairs end on Piazza Papa Innocenzo IV and the trail continues straight across the Piazza.  The church of San Lorenzo, dating back to 1375, will be on your left.  The facade was built with local sandstone, and the rose window was carved from white Carrara marble. The bell tower will be on your right, where there is also a stunning view over the village and the sea. The trail follows the road for another 100 meters, up through the parking area.  As the road curves to the left, the trail splits from it and onto a paved path on the right that follows Rio Groppo for about 200 meters. The trail then ascends up a long flight of wide cement stairs, then follows an old mule path through vegetable gardens, lemon groves and vineyards.  At the roundabout on coastal road SP 370, 1km from the start, the trail crosses the road, turns left, and continues under the road for about 100 meters before joining the road again for 30 meters.  The road curves to the right, and the trail splits off on the left side, up the stairs at “Pie’ di Fiesse”.

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